Myfreight Genius

Our award winning cloud software (Genius) allows you to manage all of your own freight. With our software in the cloud, you can manage your freight from anywhere whether on a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablets or linked to your warehouse hardware. Our software is closely supported by our business at all times to ensure you are always benefiting with costs, trends, efficiencies and business performance. The dashboard reporting that comes with our Genius product will report all KPI’s that you require. Our dashboard reporting will also report on other supply chain requirements, like safety KPI’s or warehouse picking activity or anything that links to your supply chain requirements.

Initially, we compared Myfreight Genius to the so-called competition. The difference, not just in technology but in attitude to customer satisfaction was vast. I am more than happy to recommend Myfreight Genius to any freight sender”.

-Mark Forrest, Masport

Key features:

  • Multi carrier lowest cost default
  • 100% Cloud hosted – No software
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Customer service interface


Myfreight Premium

Is our fully managed freight option. With exceptional freight software, staff and knowledge we can manage all facets of your supply chain. Our teams include customer service, operations, finance, technical & administration. With ongoing carrier management, carrier labelling, business KPI’s and reporting supported by regular analysis. This will allow you to focus on running your business.

“Freight management once was a task involving hours of work every day. Logistics was a constant cause of stress and tension within our business. Since engaging Myfreight Premium, I spend no more than a few minutes each day checking in to make sure everything is under control. I highly recommend Myfreight Premium to any company that has any sort of freight requirements”.

– Tony Batson, Briggs & Stratton 

Key features:

  • Genius software included
  • Managed customer service
  • Carrier negotiation and management
  • Ongoing analysis and reporting


Myfreight Hybrid

Combine the best of both worlds with Genius software and Premium Management. Genius software to manage your own preferred vehicles, fleet and carriers and complimented by the Premium option for whatever percentage of your business you require assistance managing with. This is a popular choice for managers that wish to run their current carrier relationship and need support with a portion of their business. The Hybrid option delivers proven performance across your supply chain and will assist you driving even further costs, efficiencies and performance.

“Freight management for us, requires the flexibility of Myfreight Premium and Genius options. Our business needed a system that was agile and be able to deliver results in a dynamic business, warehouse and logistics environment. Myfreight provides live reporting, alerts and outstanding visibility. Myfreight is the best I have seen!

– Mark Ramsdale, GM Bunzl Industrial and Safety  

Key features:

  • Retain your key carriers and pricing
  • Offset the price of Myfreight Genius
  • Ongoing flexibility with your freight
  • Take advantage of our buying power


Mydelivery APP

Our driver phone app, will manage your own personal vehicles, fleet or carriers that cannot offer this technology to support your business. No need for capex of hardware anymore. Our app allows your business and freight handlers to manage your freight better and to improve your visibility and POD management. Sign on glass to support

Key features:

  • Retain your key carriers and pricing
  • Offset the price of Myfreight Genius
  • Ongoing flexibility with your freight
  • Take advantage of our buying power


Myfreight Freight Labelling

Whether, Premium, Genius or Hybrid options, all of our service options are supported by freight labelling. Whether you need carrier unique labelling, warehouse labelling or your own fleet designed requirements. Whichever carrier you have we can integrate utilizing their preferred labelling and we can develop your own generic label formatted for you own freight management purposes. Our labelling can replace your local or international warehouse labelling to assist you in efficiency gains.

Additional Services

  • Freight consultancy
  • Tender Management
  • Supply chain mapping
  • Customer service support
  • Technology hardware supplies
  • Bespoke freight systems